Embarking on my journey to explore the heart of this extraordinary country and delve into the lives of its resilient people was an eye-opening experience that left an indelible mark on my soul. Despite the countless difficulties they face, there is an amazing resilience among the people who radiate joy and contentment even in the absence of basic needs like schools and hospitals. When I set foot on the road less traveled, I felt the need to pause and connect with the locals, to bridge the gap between our worlds. Communicating with them in their native Amazigh language added an intimate layer to our interactions. The melodies of children’s voices singing “Help us with a bite of food or a ray of hope” rang through the air, revealing their enduring patience in the face of adversity. In my quest to understand their struggles, I found myself stopping again and again to listen to their stories. Each conversation revealed a new layer of her resilience and strength. In the middle of this moving journey, I met two young women, as delicate and precious as roses, who caught my attention. Our exchange of words led me to ask about his family and the answer was heartbreaking. “My mother’s life was claimed by childbirth because there was no medical assistance available. That’s where my heart shattered,” one of them shared, the pain etched in her voice. My heart hurt even more when the topic of education came up. Her eyes, full of dreams, told me stories of denied opportunities. Schools were still distant dreams and the opportunity to be in a classroom was a privilege they never tried. Feeling a mix of helplessness and determination, I pondered how to extend a helping hand. Alone, you may not be able to turn the tide, but with the support of compassionate friends around the world, a ray of hope emerges. Together we can ease your burdens. As winter wraps the earth in a frozen embrace, closing roads, the warmth of human kindness becomes a beacon of light. Strangers become friends and invite me to their homes to take refuge and have a simple cup of tea. This generosity, inherent to the Amazigh people, feels like a work of fiction come true. But there is still much to do. We can weave a better future, where education is a right, not a luxury, and where healthcare is accessible to all. Through collective effort, we can erase the barriers that hinder these children’s dreams. Every donation, every helping hand, becomes a brushstroke that paints a canvas of change. The early school leaving that many children experience could be transformed into a journey toward enlightenment. In this country of contrasts, where beauty and struggle coexist, I find myself at the crossroads of empathy and action. The journey to improve lives is just beginning and I am committed to making every step count. As I reflect on the heartbreaking stories that have unfolded before me, I am reminded that the essence of humanity lies in our shared experiences and in extending a hand to those in need.

Best regards mustapha oumha